Asterio, hotel PMS

Hotel software


A comprehensive management solution for your hotel

Asterio has genuine selling capability, helping you increase turnover and optimise management.


Fast booking

Fast booking

Consult your rates and available rooms in just a few clicks, then book! The planner gives you an instant view of the following details:

  • Rooms and accommodation categories
  • Room facilities
  • Colour-coded booking statuses
  • Room rates with breakfast or full board
Fast housekeeping reporting

Fast housekeeping reporting

  • Head housekeepers update the room status (clean/dirty) directly on their tablet, updating the planner automatically.
  • Reception can see the room status on the planner in real time, and can also change the status directly on the accommodation planner.
Simplified booking management

Simplified booking management

  • Stays, products and services can be added to the same booking record. It’s the ideal solution for managing groups.
  • Cross-activity booking records. Accommodation, function rooms, tennis courts… All your planners can be accessed in one and the same application, meaning you can add services to the same booking in just a few clicks.
  • Secure booking. Asterio checks the validity of the customer’s payment card to guarantee complete confidence when booking. No-shows are avoided and you can later debit the card if you wish.
Simplified management

Simplified management

  • You can make quick changes to your settings as and when required.
  • Generate your rates with ease using rate grids.
  • Touchscreen billing saves time and allows for fast check-out.
  • Take and manage payments easily, even on touch screens.
  • Deposit report: you have access to the list of deposits received and held.
  • The private messaging system makes it possible to communicate within the application.

Optimised customer relationship management

customer relationship management

Everything you need to get to know your customers better, so you can boost their satisfaction.

Customer database

  • Fast entry and a practical overview of your guest or prospect details: stay history, contact details, preferences, criteria and more.
  • Customisation. Set the criteria you want to classify your database.
  • Manage each guest’s activities with ease, linking family members to their record.

Personalised communication

Your letters, emails and SMS messages are sent out automatically (booking confirmation, reminders, vouchers, quotes, invoices, etc.).

Smoother customer journey

You get centralised management in one and the same tool, with a shared customer database and a fluid, consolidated customer journey for winning your customers’ loyalty.

Decision-making tools

Decision-making tools


  • In a glance you can take in your property’s performance, wherever you are, on your PC, Mac or tablet.
  • Ramp-up, turnover, number of bookings per month per channel, etc. will help give you a clear view of your operating results.


  • Reports give you detailed analyses of your activity: turnover, cash taken per profit centre, sales statistics, arrivals/departures list, etc.
  • Benefit from vital activity monitoring reports: occupancy rate, daily sales, average sales, segmentation of accommodation and restaurant sales, cumulative sales, RevPAR, room revenue, number of nights, number of people, number of arrivals, even an available room report that you can sort by date, period, type, segmentation and/or origin.
  • Journal of free/complimentary items.
  • Debtor balance and follow-up.
  • Payment slips, accounting data export.
  • INSEE statistics.