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Simplified restaurant management

Take advantage of all the features of Asterio, the new cloud-based application for restaurants, and simplify your management. Create a custom interactive room plan quickly and easily, simplify order and payment taking. With Asterio restaurant software, you simplify management and boost productivity.

Customised, interactive room plan

Customised, interactive room plan

  • Custom room plan: you can load a floor plan and position tables as you like.
  • Interactive room plan: you can perform multiple actions (print, close a table, etc.) from the room plan.
  • Immediate overview of open tables and the number of covers.

Easy entry

  • Fast and intuitive order-taking using a touchscreen.
  • Link different rate categories depending on the till (bar rate, terrace rate, etc.).
  • Negotiated rate management, with the rate applied automatically once the beneficiary customer has been identified.
Easy entry
Fast payment-taking

Fast payment-taking

  • Awarded NF certification as Till Management Software by Afnor Certification.
  • Identify waiting staff by code or by Dallas key.
  • Turnover can be consolidated by management period, and you can close the till between each service.
  • Bill share: separate and divided payment makes taking payment smoother at departure.
  • Transfer bill to room: Asterio offers you the possibility to transfer a bill to the hotel for payment at the end of the stay, while keeping turnover statistics for the restaurant and hotel separate. You can also transfer a bill line from one table to another.
  • Simplified payment management: with choice of payment method, option to enter multiple payment orders, and discount and complimentary item management.
  • Manage ticket and A4 invoice or card receipt issue.
  • Link a cash drawer with an events log.