Distribution, operation, and management at the heart of Asterio’s added value.

Asterio, the multifunctional software with efficient and easy-to-use features.

Asterio simplifies the operation and accelerates the development of your hotel with or without a catering area and with or without a Spa, or of your restaurant. How? Thanks to its numerous functionalities 100% adapted to the problems that you and your teams encounter every day. How can I better market my services? How can I keep control of my distribution? How can I save time? How can I make my customers ‘experience unforgettable? Asterio has all the answers.

Distribute: stay in control of your marketing

An optimized marketing strategy is the key to success today? Asterio helps you sell more services without sacrificing your profitability! The integrated channel manager is ideal to easily manage your distribution on several channels, directly from Asterio. Asterio’ native booking people allows your customers to book all your packages on our own website.

The immediate benefits for you: increased digitalisation, easier direct marketing, and therefore increased revenues!

Exploit, modernize the experience offered to your customers

Are you looking for a complete and ergonomic solution to operate your establishment?

From reservations to order taking, invoicing and commercial communication with your customers, Asterio helps you offer an ultra-personalized experience to your customer. A unified cardex that records all information, a graphic and interactive module for sending e-mailings and SMS… When we say that Asterio thinks of everything!

The immediate benefits for you: easier day-to-day life for all teams-reception, room, housekeepers, etc. Quantifiable time savings, a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition!

Manage & Optimize: automate management tasks and run your establishment more efficiently

Exciting but time-consuming job, new customer expectations, high team turnover… The management of your establishment’s activities requires a truly efficient solution! Asterio is the only multifunctional software to offer you such complete management features. Accounting exports, connectivity with the interfaces necessary for your activity, specific statistics, mobile application with your key indicators, Asterio has everything planned to boost your management.

The immediate benefits for you: better monitoring of your activity, greater visibility on your figures, everything to better exploit your activities and make your business grow!

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