Asterio, hotel PMS

Asterio The fully Cloud-based hotel management software designed with hoteliers, for hoteliers


Asterio, the fully Cloud-based hospitality software designed with hoteliers, for hoteliers

Asterio : Cloud-based hospitality software

Does your business demand ever more of you? Asterio is a hospitality software application designed for hotel managers looking for an all-in-one solution for their daily tasks.

Simple, innovative and mobile, Asterio uses enterprising technology to simplify your management tasks and help boost your sales.

100% web-based, Asterio is Sequoiasoft’s Cloud hospitality software that’s with you wherever you go, saving you time. Asterio is available 24 hours a day on your PC, Mac and Android tablet.

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More than just a hotel PMS, this is the essential tool

Asterio has genuine selling capability, helping you increase turnover and optimise management.

Asterio has been specially designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution for sales and marketing, reception duties, management and customer retainment. With Asterio, the customer is placed at the heart of all you do. Asterio is the PMS that will help you build up your customer relationship at every step of the customer journey.

Fast booking - Hotel PMS

Fast booking

Consult your rates and available rooms in just a few clicks, then book!

The planner gives you an instant view of the following details:

  • Rooms and accommodation categories.
  • Room facilities.
  • Colour-coded booking statuses.
  • Room rates with breakfast or full board.
Online booking with Reservit - Hotel PMS

Online booking with Reservit

  • Stays booked on the Reservit booking platform are automatically saved in the Asterio PMS.
  • The customer record is created and the stock updated simultaneously.
  • The 2-way interface synchronises your rates and availabilities in real time.
Simplified booking management - Hotel PMS

Simplified booking management

  • Stays, products and services can be added to the same booking. It’s the ideal PMS for managing groups.
  • Multi-planner bookings. Accommodation, function rooms, tennis courts… All your planners can be accessed in one and the same application, meaning you can add services to the same booking in just a few clicks.
  • Secure booking. Asterio checks the validity of the customer’s payment card to guarantee complete confidence when booking. No-shows are avoided and you have the option to debit the card at a later date.
Decision-making tools - Hotel PMS

Decision-making tools

Asterio’s reports and dashboards give you a precise view of your operating results:

  • Turnover
  • Sales statistics
  • Receipts by profit centre
  • Booking list: arrivals, departures, etc.
  • Activity snapshot
Optimised customer relationship management - Hotel PMS

Optimised customer relationship management

Customer database :

  • Fast entry and a practical overview of your client or prospect details: stay history, contact details, preferences, criteria and more.
  • Customisation. Set the criteria you want to classify your database.
  • Manage each guest’s activities with ease, linking family members to their record.

Personalised communication:

  • Your letters, emails and SMS messages are sent out automatically (booking confirmation, reminders, vouchers, quotes, invoices, etc.).
Simplified management - Hotel PMS

Simplified management

  • Setup is very simple. Once in place, you’ll only need to make small changes here and there.
  • Generate your rates with ease using rate grids.
  • Touch-screen billing. Asterio is designed to simplify billing and save you time.
  • Take and manage payments easily, even on touch screens.
  • The private messaging system makes it possible to communicate within the application.

The added value of Asterio, hotel management software built on 35 years of expertise

Asterio, hotel management software

Tricks of the trade. Developed with hoteliers, for hoteliers for over 35 years!

Suited to your structure and your way of working. Whether you’re independent or part of a chain, Asterio hotel management software is designed by Sequoiasoft, taking into account your specific challenges and way of working. Sequoiasoft provides solutions for over 2000 hotels ranging from 10 to 300 rooms.

Guidance. Our trainers master the different aspects of hospitality and will advise you on the best configuration to help you save time every day. Your Customer support contacts are available 7 days a week, from 6am until midnight, to answer all your questions.

User and configuration guides, flexibility in your work, a constantly evolving solution and above all an all-inclusive product.

10 good reasons to choose Asterio for your hotel

  • #1

    Mobile and touch: wherever you go, Asterio goes with you: at reception, on every floor, even in the outside world. All you need is a basic internet connection to access all its features on your tablet or computer.

  • #2

    Multi-task: flick from one action to another without losing your work, thanks to the task bar.

  • #3

    Speed and practicality: with Asterio, you can save a booking request in no time at all. The cart makes it easier to sell products on site.

  • #4

    One single application: all your marketing tools are either located in or connected to one central hub. All your planners (accommodation, function rooms, tennis courts, etc.) can be accessed within the same tool.

  • #5

    Productivity and efficiency: quicker access to useful information to help you with any action. Automatic notifications allow you to react more quickly to online bookings.

  • #6

    Sales tool: the entire software is designed to simplify the selling process, with a clear overview of nightly rates, quick and easy settings and revenue management.

  • #7

    Ease of use: whether you’re an occasional or seasonal user, or a manager connected every day, Asterio’s ergonomics make it quick to get to grips with and fun to use.

  • #8

    Data security: your data is hosted and protected in our secure servers with professional back-up systems. Asterio’s user rights management system lets you control access to certain information and functions.

  • #9

    Compliance with the latest regulations: work with peace of mind using software that complies with the latest standards and regulations in force.

  • #10

    Developed in partnership with hospitality professionals: this solution is made for you!

Asterio is also the safe bet for your hotel

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An entire team at your service, guiding you in your day-to-day use, helping you progress smoothly while developing your activities at the same time.


Asterio is in compliance with the latest standards notably the French finance law coming into force on the 1st January 2018.