An optimised hotel-restaurant website

The aim: for your clientèle to find you quickly and book directly through you!

As a hotel and restaurant manager, you get a website designed by a specialist in online booking. Plugged directly into Asterio, every aspect of your site is geared towards seeing the booking through to completion: SEO, eye-catching visuals, a carefully constructed sitemap, a streamline customer journey and an effective call-to-action and conversion tunnel.

Expertise at a controlled budget for your hotel-restaurant website design

Efficiency, transparency, serenity

Are you submerged in quotes for a new website? With our solution, no initial investment is needed to create a professional website – you can keep your funds! Instead, you take out a 4-year contract with a fixed monthly rate according to the level of assistance you choose. You benefit from complete transparency as to the real cost of your website. Once the 4 years are up, you become sole owner of your website.

The design stages are clear, controlled and defined in advance:

  • Start of project with needs analysis
  • Zoning and mock-up
  • Site development
  • Acceptance testing of the website
  • Optional training

In terms of stats, you’ll receive a detailed report allowing you to follow your website statistics and results.

Our teams are experts in creating, redesigning and optimising websites for search engines

A web agency with expertise in your profession too!

  • A website that showcases your hotel and restaurant.
  • A website that’s optimised so that your hotel and restaurant rank highly among search results.
  • A website that’s directly connected to your booking engine and Asterio PMS software.

Need to boost your hotel or restaurant website’s organic SEO? As a company specialising in SEO, we can offer you a service built around high-yield themes, such as “hotel centre of Paris”.

All the benefits of our web agency linked to Asterio

  • We take on every aspect of your project from website creation to hosting, SEO, maintenance and training.
  • A clearly defined process for a website set to go online within a controlled time frame.
  • A hotel and restaurant website optimised to rank highly among search results and increase bookings.
  • Over 30 years’ professional experience, with over 70 websites built per year and around 10 portals.
  • A single provider for your management software and website design.
  • Training so you can update your website independently.

Asterio, a multi-activity software
to manage your different businesses

Hoteliers, restaurant owners, hotel-restaurants, hotel-spas… Asterio’s 100% web-based software combines all the features you are looking for to make your daily life easier and optimise your performances. Whatever your business profile, whatever your activity, Asterio brings you management and marketing solutions in a simplified and intuitive way!


The hotel management software to take control of your marketing.



The web restaurant solution that streamlines your service, from ordering to billing.


Hotel Spa

The software with an integrated Spa module meeting all the needs of hotel-Spas.



The 100% web software to boost the performance of your hotel-restaurant.



The multi-purpose management software offering more effective sales for your hotel restaurant and Spa.


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Need a software for increase your sales and simplify your management?

Are you looking for a solution to market and manage all your activities (accommodation, catering, Spa, boutique, etc.)?

Contact us and ask for a demo of Asterio our full web PMS.

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