The Asterio multi-function assistant for managing hotel-restaurant-spa resort stays

One application to manage all your bookings, promotions and offers, schedules, gift vouchers and customer files

An increasing number of hotels are extending their service offering, just like resorts. They are no longer simply accommodation properties, but living spaces, offering as many services as possible to ensure customers have a pleasant stay and a holistic experience: dining, leisure activities, golf, pool, spa, well-being area, etc.
Asterio is 100% in line with changes in your profession, so you don’t have to change hotel management software as soon as you add a spa, dining, entertainment or business activity to your offering.

The practical features and ergonomic interfaces allow your hotel, restaurant and spa teams to quickly get to grips with the solution.
Asterio becomes very much their everyday assistant, efficient and user-friendly, always available, accessible on a tablet with a simple internet connection! An assistant that meets all your multi-business resort’s daily needs, whether that involves management, marketing or operations.

A 100% web-based application, to manage all services for your hotel-restaurant-Spa and your multi-business resort

Using its tabs to navigate from one action to another, the Asterio management software is a genuine assistant for your teams, meeting all your guests’ needs while making your life easier:

  • Quick, simple handling of your guest’s experience, from booking to billing, with a single solution to cover all services (overnight stays, dining, well-being).
  • All the guest’s purchases are grouped together in a multi-business booking record: accommodation, dining, bar, purchases in the boutique, well-being treatments, massages, activities, etc.
  • All the planners for each activity are accessible in the same place and very easily organised to add hotel dining or Spa services in just a few clicks, assign team member or material resources to your different activities, and handle restaurant, hotel and well-being area bookings quickly.

The Asterio management software helps you offer your guests the best possible experiences, facilitate cross-selling of accommodation/Spa/restaurant services and make billing more reliable, whatever products and services are consumed!

Your hotel, restaurant and wellness area teams get a management solution that’s just as versatile, efficient and mobile as they are!

Asterio avoids you having to interface with multiple software applications by centralising all information for you, which is directly integrated into Asterio, unlike other so-called “multi-business” applications:

  • You can optimise planners and guest slots in real time: tasks performed by all users, slot available for a room, table, tennis court or treatment, etc.
  • You can manage human resources based on their skills and scope of activity: because a housekeeper may work upstairs at times, a receptionist at the reception desk, the waiter at the restaurant; and because a masseur and a beauty therapist are not going to offer the same treatments, etc.
  • Move hotel, restaurant and Spa/wellness bookings using a simple drag & drop system to answer a hotel guest, book a table for dinner or organise the Spa booth schedule
  • You can set up access rights for your staff, and use an internal messaging system to communicate between users

With Asterio to manage your hotel-restaurant-Spa, you obtain an optimised activity, 20-20 vision, assisted decision-making and teams that are at ease and autonomous!

Boost your commercial efficiency whilst managing everything with simplicity from a customer database that’s centralised between the hotel, restaurant and Spa

As the perfect assistant, Asterio multi-business management software logs all information in one centralised customer database for all your activities. The benefits?

  • You direct marketing actions on your hotel, restaurant or Spa offers to guests before, during and after their stay in your resort.
  • You customise your welcome and your offer with access to an overview of each guest with the history of hotel, well-being and restaurant services as well as their preferences (their favourite table in the restaurant for example, or their favourite type of massage).
  • Automate your communication with letters, emails, SMS (booking confirmation, voucher reminders, quotes, invoices) scheduled based on your settings.
  • You send the planner for the guest’s spa appointment or the restaurant bookings for their stay in your resort by email.
  • You customise all your guest communication with your logo and details.

The multi-business management software is the ideal solution for cutting down on time-consuming tasks and promoting your hotel-restaurant-Spa business whilst keeping a quality relationship with your resort guests!

With one application, you manage all the products on sale at your hotel, whether it be hotel services, Spa treatments or dining services

Thanks to the Asterio management software, you get an immediate view of available rooms and treatments available for online purchase or breakfasts and dinners.

This centralised management gives you real-time access to everything you wish to offer your guests, to plan and bill all your products and services: manage your hotel rooms, function rooms, spa treatments/subscriptions/packages, boutique products with technical records for managing stock, dining, deli products, entertainment, etc.


Asterio, a multi-activity software
to manage your different businesses

Hoteliers, restaurant owners, hotel-restaurants, hotel-spas… Asterio’s 100% web-based software combines all the features you are looking for to make your daily life easier and optimise your performances. Whatever your business profile, whatever your activity, Asterio brings you management and marketing solutions in a simplified and intuitive way!




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