Asterio, the multi-purpose assistant for hotel, restaurants and bars

Manage your accommodation and restaurant business for higher sales, better performance and greater ease of use for your teams.

Centralised operations to ensure full property management, simplified management of the different planners, the interactive dining room plan, payment-taking or shared billing: the whole hotel-restaurant activity is managed from a single tool, with a single customer database for managing your clientèle. Asterio enables all your staff (reception, events, kitchen, housekeeping, room service, manager) to be more efficient and better satisfy your guests, while saving precious time in their daily tasks!

In addition, the flexibility of Asterio goes hand in hand with the growth of your hotel-restaurant because it enables you to adapt the number of touchscreen cash registers, and to add new services and new products as you go.

An innovative hotel-restaurant management system that’s easy to use without any technical know-how, to easily manage all aspects of your property in just a few clicks.

An online software tool that assists you in the day-to-day running of your hotel-restaurant

Asterio runs the entire hotel-restaurant operation by grouping it into one activity: guests enjoy a streamline experience whatever their products and services purchased (hotel nights, breakfast, drinks at the bar, meal in the restaurant) and teams get access to everything in a single hotel-restaurant management application. With Asterio, it becomes simple and efficient:

  • to manage bookings and take orders at the hotel or restaurant (individual or group)
  • to manage the different housekeeping planners – with the specific housekeeping module – as well as the restaurant planners or reception planners
  • to set up billing and transfer the guest’s restaurant or bar bill to their room

You manage all the products and services of the hotel-restaurant-bar with a single solution

All the products and services offered by your hotel or restaurant-bar can be accessed, configured and edited in a single software interface. The statistical overview for your hotel-restaurant enables you to track overall profitability in an optimal way, and to better evaluate your guests’ consumption to encourage them to purchase from all outlets. In a single web-based and NF525-certified management application, you can:

  • display rooms by type, available equipment, rates to facilitate bookings directly from the planner
  • organise the hotel or restaurant’s functions according to the needs expressed by customers in terms of capacity or layout
  • declare new products on and off sale at the restaurant without restarting the till, with individual product management and advanced pricing management (menus, extras, etc.)
  • get a touchscreen management solution for tablet that’s easy to get to grips with
  • optimise service with the interactive room plan
  • access statistics, indicators per activity and adapted management reports

Boost your sales by opting for a more efficient system for marketing and booking hotel rooms or restaurant tables!

Marketing your products is the pivotal point today for hotel-restaurants: Asterio hotel-restaurant PMS helps you boost bookings thanks to its built-in booking engine and channel manager.

  • On the hotel side, bookings are processed quickly to optimise your occupancy rates: group bookings, a multi-planner booking record, specific room selection, automatic booking confirmation by email or SMS etc.
  • On the hotel-restaurant side, every aspect of your service is optimised by the management application: from real-time management of the interactive room plan, to taking orders on the tablet via a simple WiFi connection to printing orders in the kitchen. The results are immediate: facilitated bookings, optimised hosting capacity, streamline service for increased sales.

Coupled with these marketing and booking functions, expansive possibilities for managing rates and billing help you maximise the profitability of your hotel-restaurant activity. Without forgetting the customer relationship management module for personalising the customer experience and announcing your offers.

Asterio, a multi-activity software
to manage your different businesses

Hoteliers, restaurant owners, hotel-restaurants, hotel-spas… Asterio’s 100% web-based software combines all the features you are looking for to make your daily life easier and optimise your performances. Whatever your business profile, whatever your activity, Asterio brings you management and marketing solutions in a simplified and intuitive way!




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