The management module for hotel spas

Manage your hotel spa more easily with Asterio

Booking, planner, spa appointment management, gift vouchers, and so on. The application groups together the features you need to manage your Spa with maximum benefit. Spa management software, online platform… You’ve got it, Asterio is all those things and more!

100% web-based, accessible 24/7 on your tablet, PC or Mac, user friendly and adapted to your profession as a hotel and Spa manager, Asterio assists you on a daily basis. It helps you pamper your guests, simplifies your organisation and boosts your sales!

With the Asterio Spa module, you get a detailed and efficient planner, for easier bookings and appointments

Spa planning features include staff, cabin and equipment management: the guarantee of better scheduling of your treatments and easier bookings!

  • Multi-resource management (cabins, staff and equipment)
  • Multi-skill management (massages, balneotherapy, coaching, group classes)
  • Immediate view of wellness treatments available for a certain time slot
  • Customisable schedule display
  • Easy appointment moves, individual or in bulk, by simple drag & drop
  • Scheduling of bookings for events (hen parties, privatisations, etc.)

Manage Spa treatments and products catalogue directly from the Asterio platform

To manage your Spa treatment easily, Asterio publishes a dynamic catalogue of sales, treatments, packages or cosmetic products. As soon as you add to your range of treatments or organise special operations, Asterio accompanies the development of your activity. And your guest has access to all your services!

  • management of treatments, both planned and unplanned
  • management of packages, rituals, weekends, getaways, etc.
  • management of subscriptions: unlimited, set number of treatments, set number of sessions
  • management of boutique products with technical records for spa booth stock management.

As the perfect assistant, Asterio offers multiple possibilities to analyse your activity, anticipate expiring memberships, inform your teams and optimise your management thanks to its statistics module.

Market your gift vouchers effectively online with Asterio management software

You offer your guests the possibility of buying all treatments, packages and subscriptions gift vouchers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with:

  • The opportunity of offering gift vouchers for specific events: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc.
  • Additional options: a cosmetic product for a special Mother’s Day gift voucher, for example.
  • Management of Spa gift vouchers by validity period, and accounting entry of expired gift vouchers.
  • Quick and easy generation of gift vouchers in bulk, for a Works Council for example.
  • Send an e-box with a personalised message and format to the beneficiary or purchaser.

So many additional sales and service for your guests thanks to your new Asterio multifunction assistant!

Practical software for customised management of your guests

Within the Asterio Spa module, you have an electronic customer record with all their details, treatment history and preferences. Different types and templates of configurable questionnaires are already integrated to suit the treatment offering.

In addition, you save time by directly automating communication via email or SMS to your guests from the Asterio platform to confirm their spa appointments and send bills or a satisfaction survey.  What an efficient assistant!


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