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Make your life easier by choosing Asterio to manage your restaurant more efficiently

In a restaurant, peak periods are often, competition is high and staff turnover significant. Asterio helps you optimise your restaurant activity, from room plan and menu management to order-taking, via payment-taking and stock & purchase management. A touchscreen, mobile and highly intuitive management application for all your teams. An ideal sofware to offer a tailor-made experience to your customers, with maximum speed and efficiency.

Manage all your menu items with our restaurant management solution, Asterio

Thanks to its dynamic sales screen, Asterio lets you create an item quickly, from editing a price or adapting to a menu change, without restarting the till. You set prices in real time, declare new products on or off sale according to your sales objectives, customer base and activity.

  • simple, unprocessed or manufactured products with option to use product data sheets
  • advanced pricing management for menus and packages: commercial price, extras, special rate, VAT breakdown according to products on the menu
  • different sales catalogue management per till

Asterio offers you statistics and key performance indicators to better manage your restaurant activity.

Asterio is as simple as a restaurant app: the ideal solution to streamline your customer orders, payment-taking and service

Managing using a tablet and simple WiFi connection allows your waiting staff to take orders, track the progress of each table and take payment with a high yield. Asterio is quick for your serving staff to get to grips with, and offers innovative features at every step.

  • advanced touchscreen ergonomics for order-taking and billing, in restaurant, bar and takeaway mode: products are presented on screen dynamically, with bar code compatibility, waiting lists, kitchen reminders, discounts and complimentary items
  • split bills, division per guest, shared products (e.g. wine bottle shared between several diners)
  • printing of restaurant bills, tickets, invoices, proof of payment, just like a touchscreen cash register
  • touchscreen payment entry in the restaurant: option to make multiple payments, transfer payments to the hotel bill, payments towards split bills
  • kitchen production: printing the order at each production point, different courses, sending for each course, reminders and cancellations are all possible

You also get access to an extensive back office for your restaurant accounts.

Manage your room plan in all simplicity to optimise your restaurant service

Asterio is the application that makes it easier to handle your reservations and room plan in real time, contributing to your commercial efficiency. A restaurant management application becomes a vehicle for your restaurant’s performance. You get greater control over your organisation and offer complete satisfaction to your customers.

  • interactive room plan: it’s possible to manage your different outlets, position tables on the room plan, with dynamic presentation by service and period, tracking the progress of each table by service
  • service management with breakdown by time (lunchtime, “lemonade” service, evening)
  • flash report to grasp the restaurant’s key performance indicators from a single screen (sales, payments taken etc.)
  • staff management with user rights, profiles and authentication

Asterio, a multi-activity software
to manage your different businesses

Hoteliers, restaurant owners, hotel-restaurants, hotel-spas… Asterio’s 100% web-based software combines all the features you are looking for to make your daily life easier and optimise your performances. Whatever your business profile, whatever your activity, Asterio brings you management and marketing solutions in a simplified and intuitive way!




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