An extensive back office for rigorous management control

The Asterio statistical management module is a precious tool for optimising your business management. Thanks to its analysis of your property’s business, guest and operating data, you can adapt your strategy, target new customer groups, refine your pricing and better anticipate your sales.

Statistics to help you monitor your business

All the key indicators to keep an eye on your business and steer it wherever you go!

  • Hotel statistics: sales statistics, dashboard with option to compare over two periods (number of rooms occupied, RevPAR, sales figure, occupancy rate, visitor rate, visitor index, average price and number of breakfasts, rate of guests taking breakfast), occupancy statistics (filterable by sales channel, profit centre, contract, segmentation, sub-segmentation), INSEE reports, customer statistics with sales per customer type (individual, company, group) and top customers.
  • Statistics for a clear, real-time view of your restaurant activity: dashboard by period, statistics by product, statistics by staff member, sales breakdown, payment statistics, covers statistics by outlet.

Reports catered to your hotel business

Helpful financial reports and overviews that can be exported in PDF/Excel format and printed out:

  • Booking list: list of arrivals, departures, guests in house, bookings taken, options and cancellations, to inform your team of their daily planner.
  • Forecast items: quantify the number of breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners to prepare based on the nature of stay of your guests in house.
  • Housekeeping list to provide teams with details of all hotel or meeting rooms.
  • Management reports: check payments taken, sales, receivables, deposits, the list of expired payment cards, the free and complimentary item ledger, invoices issued.
  • Option to filter your sales by segmentation, sub-segmentation, activity, property, tour operator and contract.

Asterio, a multi-activity software
to manage your different businesses

Hoteliers, restaurant owners, hotel-restaurants, hotel-spas… Asterio’s 100% web-based software combines all the features you are looking for to make your daily life easier and optimise your performances. Whatever your business profile, whatever your activity, Asterio brings you management and marketing solutions in a simplified and intuitive way!


The hotel management software to take control of your marketing.



The web restaurant solution that streamlines your service, from ordering to billing.


Hotel Spa

The software with an integrated Spa module meeting all the needs of hotel-Spas.



The 100% web software to boost the performance of your hotel-restaurant.



The multi-purpose management software offering more effective sales for your hotel restaurant and Spa.


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