Asterio, hotel PMS

Asterio The fully Cloud-based hotel management software designed with hoteliers, for hoteliers


Manage your hotel-restaurant on the go with Asterio,
the 100% web-based software designed with hoteliers, for hoteliers.

Does your business demand ever more of you? Asterio is designed for hoteliers looking for a single marketing and management solution for their hotel and restaurant activities. Simple, innovative and mobile, Asterio uses enterprising Cloud technology to simplify your management tasks and help boost your sales.

Hotel software


Asterio hotel software has genuine selling capability, helping you build your business, increase turnover and optimise management. Quick booking, housekeeping reports, simplified booking management…

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Integrated online marketing

online marketing

With Asterio, you direct all your distribution channels quickly, independently and with ease. A native channel manager, online booking modules built into your websites, connectivity, centralised bookings…

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Restaurant software


Simplified restaurant management: with Asterio restaurant software, create your custom interactive room plan; take orders quickly, intuitively and with ease; settle up smoothly with server identification and manage payments in all simplicity.

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Asterio, the responsive Cloud-based software for your hotel

Responsive Cloud-based software

Asterio is a fully web-based software that’s accessible 24 hours a day from your tablet, PC or Mac.
Available as a cloud package, hosted in our secure, redundant data centres.

10 good reasons to choose Asterio for your hotel

  • Mobile and touch

    Wherever you go, Asterio goes with you: at reception, on every floor, even in the outside world. All you need is a basic internet connection to access all its features on your tablet or computer.

  • Multi-task

    Flick from one action to another without losing your work, thanks to the task bar.

  • Speed and practicality

    With Asterio, you can save a booking request in no time at all. The booking record makes it easier to sell products on site.

  • One single application

    All your marketing tools are either located in or connected to one central hub. All your planners (accommodation, function rooms, tennis courts, etc.) can be accessed within the same tool.

  • Productivity and efficiency

    Quicker access to useful information to help you with any action. Automatic notifications allow you to react more quickly to online bookings.

  • Sales tool

    The entire software is designed to simplify the selling process, with a clear overview of nightly rates, quick and easy settings and revenue management.

  • Ease of use

    Whether you’re an occasional or seasonal user, or a manager connected every day, Asterio’s ergonomics make it quick to get to grips with and fun to use.

  • Data security

    Your data is hosted and protected in our secure servers with professional back-up systems. Asterio’s user rights management system lets you control access to certain information and functions.

  • Compliance with the latest regulations

    Work with peace of mind using software that complies with the latest standards and regulations in force.

  • Developed in partnership with hospitality professionals

    Our solution has been designed with the help of hoteliers. It’s made for you!

Asterio is also the safe bet for your hotel

A software team at your service

An entire team at your service, guiding you in your day-to-day use, allowing you to progress smoothly while developing your activities at the same time.

Afnor Certification

Asterio has been awarded NF certification as Till Management Software by Afnor Certification. With NF Till Management Software certification, you can be sure to keep on the right side of the new finance law that applies as of the 1st January 2018.