Why should your PMS have great plug-in potential? Because besides ergonomics, on-board features or free support, your choice of PMS also depends on its interfacing capabilities with external partners, which make it possible to go and conquer new markets and perfect the experience offered to guests throughout their stay. While it already has numerous on-board functions, connective capability is primordial with Asterio. This is an assistant that not only possesses powerful sales and marketing tools, it also gives the hotel manager the option to expand their capabilities by connecting to the best external partners, all specialists in their field, as selected by Sequoiasoft.

Discover the extent of Asterio’s functionality in terms of adaptability and connective capability.

Connections to help you sell your hotel products and services

The Internet has become an indispensable part of hotel distribution strategy. Now more than ever, even outside the current context of the pandemic, it is vital to access all potential sources of customers, and connect to partners to distribute your offering and optimise how it is sold.

In this global distribution strategy, let’s not overlook the importance of an on-board booking engine (one that’s built in, as is the case with Asterio hotel software), allowing customers to book all your packages directly through the hotel website without paying any commission. Nor should we forget the added value of a native channel manager to simultaneously manage your distribution channels – AirBnb, Booking, Expedia – connected from Asterio to the main platforms on the market, and soon Hotelbeds, Weekendesk, Agoda and Infinite Hôtel, among others.

And if you’re already used to working with another booking engine or channel manager… no worries! Asterio interfaces with your favourite specialist tools, such as Synxis channel manager, which gives access to 600 OTAs; but also powerful partners like D-edge and its CRS, or Siteminder, which can handle over 400 booking channels for you. So you have all the options to maximise your global distribution strategy, reach certain far-off markets based on your position, instantly control availabilities and rates and thus boost your OR.

Revenue management is another building block in your distribution, at the heart of your strategy. Anticipation, responsiveness, time saved: by connecting with SPOTPILOT, which becomes the relay in your sales strategy, as made possible by Asterio, you adapt your pricing based on contextual data as well as demand. Rates updated on SpotPilot automatically cascade down to the rate grid in your Asterio PMS assistant.

In short, in addition to all its integrated modules and features, in particular its native channel manager and booking engine, Asterio is easily interfaced with a vast range of applications. The benefits? Reliable data exchanges, time saved, additional features and sales growth… All within Asterio!

Connect and interface with lots of other partners and applications to perfect your customer experience

A property management system is the operational hub of a hospitality establishment. Though it covers a large part of the expectations and functions, the hotel manager often needs and wants to connect it to specialist partners to enhance the customer experience or facilitate operations. As hospitality industry specialists, the Asterio team has analysed the expectations of accommodation providers, the connections that add value, the ones that are essential to hotel management and the best way to facilitate all these connections, without any technical intervention needed from the hotelier.

For example:

  • To save time in running your property and free you from time-consuming tasks: a link to accounting software that lets you schedule automatic exports of your data, reports and statistics.
  • To improve customer service by boosting responsiveness among your housekeeping and maintenance teams: connection to 1Check housekeeping app to report and solve potential issues and make everyone’s work easier.
  • To increase the value of your offering: connection to partners who can manage room service or VOD services.
  • To measure customer satisfaction and personalise the customer relationship: connective capability with recognised partners such as Lounge Up, Qualitelis or Customer Alliance.

To demonstrate some technical aspects that illustrate our technological investment and know-how, know that a generic native API has been developed in Asterio. It provides external applications and solutions with the various data they might use according to their functional needs. As it’s a “2-way” API, data flows smoothly in both directions.
All you need to remember is that external tools will connect to Asterio management and operations software with ease: no technical development is required for the hotel property to be able to connect to its preferred partners and the most high-performance solutions!

You’ve got it, Asterio is the PMS that offers the best of both worlds: numerous built-in features as well as simple connection to the external partner apps of your choice, allowing you to work with the tools you’re most comfortable with. Flexibility, adaptability, profitability and time saved, with a PMS that is truly on hand to serve your strategic choices and boost your hotel’s fire power!

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E-distribution / 18 March, 2021

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